I have worked with hundreds - if not thousands! - of people aged 5 to 65 in a variety of school settings and at holiday or evening workshops in museums and cultural instutions.

Although workshops focus on the techniques and materials I most commonly use in my own work - photography and collage - I try to ensure that gaining core skills in looking at and analysing art as well as liberating the imagination are always driving the activity. 

In the example above, students played with simple tools to explore light and colour before looking at the work of photographer Lorenzo Vitturi and the  First Nations art of making totem poles. They began responding to these stimuli using collage materials before moving into three dimensions and constructing their own sculptures  using found objects, concentrating on composition and form over narrative. These constructions were photographed by each small group before being dismantled for reuse.

Recent outcomes include peer sharing sessions, a 'zine for each child in a year group (see right), exhibitions, a dossier of an imaginary space mission, and permanent commissions for display in a school playground. Participants include schoolchildren, companies on away days, service users of a homeless charity and a community outreach programme, a group of older women who run a walking club, and a summer playscheme.

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