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A bókaflóð...

In September 2018 I took part in the Printing Matter Residency at the Skaftfell Center for Visual Art in Seyðisfjörður, East Iceland.


Alongside our work at the centre we were lucky to be able to use the vintage lithographic, letterpress and intaglio presses at the Technical Museum in the town.


I hand-produced two final outcomes by the end of my time - genzaichi-EN (edition of 4+AP), a testing ground  for and contemplation of the failure of photography and maps to represent a place - and Collected (edition of 5+AP), a selection of found, over- and mis-heard and mistranslated poems hoarded throughout my trip.


While in residence I also wrote to six women, known and unknown; artists, dancers, writers, mothers, makers, friends. On return I self published extracts from these letters, under the title Almost Zaffre, Almost Cadmium. Part homage to WH Auden's parodic travel journal Letters from Iceland, partly a record-manifesto of my own, it is an edition of 21+AP.


Edition numbers 10-21 are available for purchase at £5.50+postage. Please contact through the address or number listed on this site, and I will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.


Some images of the books are below. You can read more about my experience in the Centre for Fine Print Research's Book Arts newsletter here, or see further images and a flip-through of each of the books on my blog here.



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*a bókaflóð is, literally, a 'book flood' and is the term used for the massive release of books that happens in Iceland at the beginning of every December. Books are often given as Christmas presents, a tradition dating back to the time when imported goods except for paper carried very high taxes.